Instagram drooling over Geoffrey Zakarian’s favorite desserts

Geoffrey Zakarian posted a message recently Instagram-Video with some seductive shots of two desserts: a glittering pavlova with berry tip and a plate of puffy profiteroles that catch a velvety stream of chocolate. He labeled the sugar-sweet spectacle: “For me, my two favorite desserts are not on vacation: pavlova and profiteroles. Always the best @balthazarny #balthazar. ”(Profiteroles, if you want to freshen up your desserts quickly, cream puffs that have a filling made of vanilla sauce, cream or ice cream and are coated with chocolate are per Pencil cooks, while Pavlova is a meringue bowl with cream and fruit, per The culture trip). Of course, the audience couldn’t help but faint.

Zakarian’s post received some well-deserved “Omg” s, including “Omg !!! My favorite!!!” and “Omg that looks sooooo good !!!” Instagrammer @prmilligan may have caught people’s thoughts with their response, “They look great!” One of Zakarian’s co-hosts of “The Kitchen” even weighed the sweet tooth trigger item. Katie Lee Biegel replied succinctly with “Simply the best”. Is it even possible that two celebrity chefs are wrong with the same dessert selection? We’re not sure, but we are definitely ready to try it out.

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