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Local residents and visitors are encouraged to share their views and develop new plans to improve the quality of pedestrian and cyclist streets in the Cowes, Northwood and Gurnard area.

Cowes Town Council, Northwood Parish Council and Gurnard Parish Council have teamed up to commission a comprehensive Local Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Plan, or LCWIP for short.

Change infrastructure to be more secure
LCWIPs are strategic plans that identify key routes and zones where changes to infrastructure or the implementation of pedestrian and bike-friendly policies can provide a higher quality and safer environment for people who get around on foot, in wheelchairs, electric scooters, and bicycles can, and so to create. contribute to a healthier environment and a more inclusive community.

There is a special focus on routes to important local destinations such as schools, shops, workplaces and medical centers.

Ainslie: The locals are the experts in their field
The project is backed by Cowes-based sustainable travel consultancy People Powered CIC, and community input is at the heart of developing the plan, as Will Ainslie, director of People Powered, explains:

“The locals are the experts in their field; What is good, what is bad, what are the problems preventing them from walking and cycling more in the area, and how would they like things to be improved?

“Be it wider sidewalks, special bike lanes, improved intersections at certain intersections, slower traffic speeds … this is a great opportunity for people to share their views and we want as many people to contribute as possible.”

Take a look at the interactive map
People Powered has created an interactive map of the Cowes / Northwood / Gurnard area so people can easily indicate which improvements they want to see where.

The card is available on the website until January 31, 2022.

In addition to the web-based map, open evenings are planned for locations in all three municipalities. Dates, times and locations for the drop-in events will be published on the site as soon as you are done.

Comments can also be sent by email to: [email protected]

or by post to:

Cowes City Council
Northwood Haus
Ward Avenue
Cowes PO31 8AZ

Collection of travel data
In addition to gathering views from the community, People Powered gathers travel data from key travel generators and existing travel patterns in the Cowes area before combining all of the information to propose a network of routes and area-wide improvements.

The completion of the LCWIP is planned for the beginning of April 2022. Municipalities that have developed an LCWIP are given priority by the Department of Transportation when it comes to finding investment funds to make their plans a reality.

For more information on LCWIPs and the latest national road design guidelines, visit Visit the website.

For more information on the project, please contact Will Ainslie on 01983 898055 or email:
[email protected]

News shared by Will on behalf of People Powered CIC. Ed


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