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WESTERLY – Meg Beal of Westerly High had never played volleyball until she started high school.

Serving was a matter of course for them from the start.

“She served us very well as a newcomer,” said her mother and trainer Erinn Beal. “She has great hand-eye coordination. She always had. She served in her second year [on varsity] To me.

“It’s a tough serve. And she can put the ball where people aren’t. She really got us back in a couple of games with her serve. “

The senior citizen’s serve was one of the reasons why she was appointed to the first team of All-Division III. She was also called up to the all-tournament team.

But Beal was more than a server. She was also a setter and could find ways to score.

“She’s really a pretty good setter – she can push the ball anywhere,” said coach Beal. “And she’s pretty smart on the net. She finds the vacancies. And she can hit the ball too. “

Junior Rachel Federico, a middle hitter, was called up to the Division III second team.

“A lot of the middle rackets only play the front row, but it could play all six places,” said Beal. “She’s an excellent passer and can dig anything. She gets all her passports straight to the net. She is quick and a consistent server. I didn’t have to worry when she got to the line. She was a good blocker and aggressive.

“You and Meg are both competitive. You are there to win. “

Westerly finished 15-4, losing to Scituate in the Division III semifinals. Scituate went on to sweep Central Falls in the title game.

“I was pleasantly surprised. We have had a rough year (1-8 in the spring) and we only had two college players returning who had time, ”said Beal. “We put a lot of extra work into the game and not that much practice. The younger kids have really stepped up. “


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