Extraliga-types: HC Slovan Bratislava – HK Spisska Nova Ves 3: 4 – After World

The ice hockey players from Slovan Bratislava lost in the home game of the 27th round of the Tipos Extraliga with Spišská Nová Vsa 3: 4. The cyclones broke the winning line of Robert Dome’s attacks, which lasted ten games.

Branislav Rapáč decided the triumph of the guests 23 seconds before the end. Slovan stayed at the top of the table, but his lead over the second elected was reduced to seven points.

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HC Slovan Bratislava – HK Spisska Nova Ves 3: 4 (0: 2, 1: 1, 2: 0)

Destinations: 29. Haščák (Yogan), 48. Yogan (Beňo, Haščák), 50. Rapuzzi (Haščák, Yogan) – 13. Štrauch (Vrábeľ, Ordzovenský), 16. Štrauch (Tyczynski, Hamráček), 30. Ščurko (Giľák .), Petgrave), 60. Rapáč (Kuru).

Judges: Adamec, Müllner – Hercog, Gegáň, suspension: 2: 1, power-ups: 1: 0, weaknesses: 0: 0, no spectators.


Slovenian: Gudlevskis – MacKenzie, Breton, Golian, Sersen, Valach, Maier, Beňo – Haščák, Rapuzzi, Yogan – Jääskeläinen, Harris, Takáč – Gašpar, Kytnár, Sukeľ – Šotek, Bezák, Urbánek

Ves: Melicherčík – Petgrave, Atwal, Ouellet-Beaudry, Romaňák, Ordzovenský, Malina, Česánek – Giľák, Salituro, Ščurko – Rapáč, Kuru, Nieminen – Hamráček, Vrábeľ, Štrauch – Vartovníkala, Tyczynski, Tom

The first third ended surprisingly in favor of the guests, but Slovan had the first big chance. In the 6th minute, Gašpar played the puck in front of the goal to Kytnár, who was able to bring him behind the line twice. The next chance was waited longer, but it resulted in the first goal of the game. The vortex between the circles shot at goal and the puck hit the top left corner – 0: 1. Giľák had another chance for Spišiakov, but he wasn’t aiming exactly. Then Strauch spoke up again and, as with the first goal, ruffled the net with one shot to the top of the goal. Slovan took quick action at the end of the first act, but Rapuzzi’s shot landed on goalkeeper Melicherčík.

The middle third started very quickly, Giľák came first before Gudlevskis, but only hit the side netting. The hurricanes then played the first power play in the match, but did not endanger the goal. Slovan got the same chance in the 26th minute and locked his opponent in the zone. After several attempts by MacKenzie and Yogan, the puck reached Haščák and lowered the Slavic cannon. On the next substitution, however, the “Rysy” from Spiš scored the third goal, and a stroke of luck helped Ščurek. The end of the second period belonged to the home team, but Takáč did not convert a separate run.

The third third was dedicated to the Slavs who wanted to settle. Jääskeläinen had the first chance, after which Takáč tried unsuccessfully. Soon, however, the home team managed a nice combination, after which Yogan scored their second goal. The equalizer was in the air, Slovan was significantly better in the third period and finally managed to equalize in the 50th minute after Rapuzzi’s goal. Haščák had another chance, but the deal was taken back into the hands of the guests. At first they created pressure in the zone that the Slavs could withstand, but with 23 seconds to go, the Spišiakov Rapáč decided to triumph.


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