Epic is giving away more games for free: You have until Tuesday 5:00 p.m. to pick up the 5th of 15 – Nach Welt

You can get a free Loop Hero video game from the Epic Games Store online video game store until 5:00 p.m. (December 21).

Loop Hero was released in 2021 and is supported by Russian game developers from the Four Quarters studio. This is an indie seed that over half a million players bought in the first week since it was launched on Steam. The world in Loop Hero was cursed with an insidious lich and a kind of time warp was created. As the main character you try to eliminate the curse of the lich, you have to train in individual chapters of the game, defeat ever stronger enemies and get better equipment to defeat bosses in the form of demonic guards and finally the main villain who cursed your world.

The battles in this game take place automatically without the player having to intervene. You get better equipment, experience and special cards with different effects from battles. You can place these cards on different maps to create stronger enemies with better loot or to get materials that you can use to build new buildings in your camp. The game only has 4 chapters, but it can still keep you entertained for many hours. Loop Hero is typically sold on Epic for 310 crowns.

The game Loop Hero received a meta-review from professional reviewers with a Metascore 82 and an overall rating of 8.1 from the players.

You can add Loop Hero to your library for free with this link.


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