Class M solar flare blasted the earth with X-rays after a solar outbreak – archyde

X-class flares: The largest solar flares

Effects of solar radiation storms

This is how you determine when the solar wind reaches the earth

To predict the effects of a geomagnetic storm, NOAA forecasters use data from satellites. The combined effects of a coronal hole and a coronal mass ejection could result in more severe impacts and more violent geomagnetic storms on Earth.

One way that forecasters can tell when the augmented solar wind from a coronal hole will arrive on Earth is to analyze data from the DSCOVER and ACE satellites.

The data experts use it to calculate when the intensified solar wind arrives on Earth, the solar wind speed increases, and temperature as the particle density decreases and the strength of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) increases.

With breathtaking northern lights, these solar events have the potential to damage electronics and power grids, as well as satellite and radio communications.

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