City of Cape Town wakes up because of one


CAPE TOWN – Parts of Cape Town feel in the dark.

The city of Cape Town confirmed on Monday that a technical fault in the network had led to power outages in Area 7 of the city.

It’s going to be a frustrating Tuesday morning for thousands of Cape Townspeople.

Parts of Cape Town have been without electricity for hours.

The city’s Twitter account called it “a technical flaw in the network”.

It is said that technicians were working to restore electricity because one of the main lines from the acacia wood high-voltage substation to Montagu Gardens and Eskom’s Tafelbaai high-voltage substation was lost.

A fire in the infrastructure exacerbates the situation.

Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis said at least one high-voltage line across the N1 has been disrupted.

He said fire and electricity teams were on site “to put out fires and repair the cable and restore power”.


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