Christmas 2021: What is the difference between Christmas nostalgia and depression?

In the Christmas season it is relatively normal for melancholy or nostalgia to appear, but they are feelings characterized by their short duration, so it is important not to confuse them with depression, which is a more acute and longer-lasting condition.

According to the researchers, nostalgia is closely related to the mood and life stories that, generally, It is the result of the exercise of a balance that people make on the goals achieved during the year, the objectives that were not achieved, the duels and the successes obtained.

For its part, depression is a multifactorial phenomenon and can be caused by genetic, social, cultural and personal factors.

Those who develop pictures of depressive states at this time generally have a previous history of this condition and for some reason it worsens.

Specialists recommend, in case of nostalgia, make a stop along the way and take advantage of the possibilities that arise at this time of year to socialize, live together and strengthen family and friendship ties.

If there is a history of depression, it is important seek professional support from a psychotherapist or psychiatrist to prevent feelings of sadness from intensifying.

It is essential to remember that due to the preparations for the Christmas holidays (shopping, preparing dinners and family commitments), stress can increase.

In countries whose latitude generates less time of sunlight in the day, which in turn influences circadian rhythms (physical, mental and behavioral changes), there is the possibility of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD for its acronym in Spanish). English) or depression wintry.



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