Charlotte called challenger for the final Olympic spot – archyde


Already selected: Frida Karlsson, Ebba Andersson, Jonna Sundling.
Given: Maja Dahlqvist and Emma Ribom.
Most likely: Moa Olsson.

The last places are between: Anna Dyvik, Johanna Hagström and Charlotte Kalla.

Comment: The places are tight. Moa Olsson has been a rocket this winter and may very well get a ticket on Tuesday. Just like Emma Ribom, who is back from her illness and has made it to two sprint finals in a row. It is likely that there will be a battle for the last two places between the trio Kalla, Dyvik and Hagström

Already selected: Jens Burman, Oskar Svensson.
Given: William Poromaa, Marcus Grate.
Most likely: Anton Persson, Calle Halfvarsson, Leo Johansson.

The last place is between: Johan Häggström and Gustaf Berglund.

Perhaps an exaggeration in order not to take Calle Halfvarsson and Anton Persson for granted. You learn to get a place. Likely Johan Häggström too, who has high capacity but a collarbone that is in trouble. Perhaps Leo Johansson can respond to future criteria. The shooting stars of winter naturally go to the Olympics.

Compilation and evaluation: Anna Rydén, Petra Thorén.

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