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Jake Paul destroyed Tyron Woodley with an epic knockout, but many fans believe it’s time for the YouTuber to step up his game.

Boxing fans have Jake Paul after his sensational Knockout win over Tyron Woodleywhile urging him to take on a professional boxer in his next fight.

Paul sent Woodley to the big screen in the sixth round of their Sunday fight (AEDT), and the former UFC star lay motionless for a few moments before receiving medical attention.

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The YouTuber’s second win over Woodley was far more convincing, ensuring he would remain undefeated in his professional boxing career, raising his record to 5-0.

Fans praised Paul’s clout, saying that his ability to coldly punch Woodley proved that he has real credentials as a boxer.

The MMA journalist Ariel Helwani described the brutal knockout blow as “pure madness”.

“That was really scary for Woodley,” he said.

“He was down for a while. And even when he got up he was out. And then his corner told him what had happened and he kept saying “No, no, no”.

“I had no idea. Pure madness. What a shot. “

Boxing writer Dan Raphael called Paul’s KO an “extinction”.

The Australian lightweight world champion George Kambosos tweeted: “That was bad!”

But while Paul’s knockout punch earned him a lot of applause, many viewers complained about the slow start of the bout, with both fighters reluctant to attack and preferred to resort to defensive clinches.

The fight was largely uneventful until the last blow, the pace slowed down shortly before Paul ended the fight with the brutal knockout.

MMA editor Nick Baldwin described the fight before the knockout as “incredibly bad and boring”.

Paul has won two of his five fights by knockout – against Woodley and former NBA player Nate Robinson.

Fans noted that Paul improves with every fight, but stated that he will not gain any respect in the boxing world until he competes in the ring as a professional boxer.

He may be 5-0 in his short career so far, but the problem with this statistic is that the 24-year-old has not faced a professional boxer, which raises doubts about the quality of his victories.

Paul has fought twice against YouTuber AnEsonGib, a former Robinson basketball player, former MMA fighter Ben Askren, and Woodley – a former UFC fighter.

Sports Illustrated host Robin Lundberg tweeted, “Jake Paul has real talent. But it’s time for him to fight a boxer. “

ESPN’s Porter Larsen argued that Paul has yet to fight a high profile opponent, even going so far as to say that he has not had a professional fight in his career.

“Looks like a better boxer every round … but let’s be clear,” Larsen tweeted.

“Jake Paul is 5-0 against a 40-year-old retired NBA player, a YouTuber, a 37-year-old retired wrestler and a 40-year-old retired MMA fighter.”

“Zero professional fights. Zero.”

NFL star Robert Griffin III added, “You’d better stop playing with Jake Paul.

“If you’re not a boxer, don’t get in the ring.”

However, it seems unlikely that Paul will buck his trend of battling stars other than boxing while continuing to collect the paychecks for his efforts in the square circle.

After destroying Woodley, he said he was ready to fight “anyone, anywhere, anytime” and insisted on calling UFC stars Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz.

“(Jorge) Masvidal and Nate Diaz, you are all a bunch of bastards for leaving this arena,” Paul said.

“Because I know you don’t want that.”

I’ll take you both off next. Just cancel your contract with Daddy Dana (UFC boss Dana White) and I’ll be kidding her too. “


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