Winter: How to take care of your baby during cold days?

The holiday season is characterized by the arrival of intense cold and in the face of these climate changes it is important to take care of the most defenseless members of the family: babies.

The National Institute of Perinatology (Inper) has issued several recommendations to care for babies in this winter season and protect them from cold and other temperature changes.

Recommendations for baby care in the winter season

  • If there are drafts in open, air-conditioned places or if you have to leave the house and the weather is cold, the Inper suggests cover babies preferably with a thick blanket and put a cotton cap to protect them.
  • If the room where the baby is is cold, it is better to put two t-shirts or two rompers to take care of it, and not cover it with several blankets.
  • It is a mistake to wrap babies “taquito” style because, by nature, newborns adopt a fetal position, so they “wrapping them does not allow them freedom of movement of arms and legs”.
  • If the choice is to use woven garments, it should be considered thatthat they do not release lint and that the material is not in direct contact with the skin of the child’s cuffs and neck, in addition to that the tissue is not very open, since the baby can put his fingers in and hurt himself.
  • If the baby is to be breastfed, it should not be covered too muchas the temperature rises and the little one falls asleep.



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