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from Sara Gandolfi

The President-elect (only 35 years old) received 55% of the vote when the vote count was more than two-thirds. It promises a break with the politics of its predecessors. The rival of the extreme right is defeated

Chile turns left. Gabriel Boric, 35, Koalitionskandidat I consent to the dignity (left) defeated opponent Jos Antonio Kast del Christian-social front (rightmost). Sar the youngest president of the South American country, the first of the millennial generation. He will be the President of Chile of all Chileans and not just rule within four walls, he said in a telephone conversation with the outgoing President Sebastin Piera. Boric will enter officially in office on March 22nd next year. He has already given up the barricadero look, the full beard and the unkempt hair, which he had not left after his election as deputy at the age of 27.

The wait for the result was much shorter than expected, as the head-to-head announced the previous evening soon gave way a gap of ten percentage points (55.86% versus 44.14%). And so, just half an hour after the polls closed, at 6.30 p.m. local time (11.30 p.m. in Italy) the controversial leader of the right, of German descent and son of a Nazi, recognized defeat: As of today, the new President of Chile deserves all our respect, said Kast. Shortly afterwards Piera also called Boric: You will certainly do your best, he would have told him.

Immediately after Boric’s victory was announced, his supporters caught attention Celebrate in the streets of the capital, Santiago, with songs, choirs and a horn concert, like the triumph of a favorite team. And in many cities the symbolic song of the Salvador Allende era rang out again: El pueblo unido jamas ser vencido.

This ends a very tense and very polarized election campaign in which the two rivals face each other without hesitation until the end. The 15 million Chileans took part in the polls in the end, they elected the former student leader who has led a left-wing coalition since 2014, which the Wide front and the Communist Party. He presented himself as a man of change and the political heir of the 2019 movement, which led tens of thousands of young people to protests against Piera’s ultra-liberal policies before the outbreak of the pandemic. During the mass demonstrations in the autumn of the same year, there were violent clashes with the police and around thirty people were killed.

For the first time in three decades, the forces that ruled the country – that is Chile come on and the former Concertacin – did not come to the presidential election with a candidate. Boric got the support of ex-president Ricardo Lagos and Michelle Bachelet in the last duel. His left will be very different from the one that has ruled Chile alternately with the right since the end of General Pinochet’s dictatorship in 1990. And surely his government to distance itself from the economic policies of the last center-right executivethat has turned Chile into a kind of laboratory of ultra-liberalism.

Kast had taken the lead in the first round of the presidential election, but his extremist positions – he praised Pinochet several times – terrified the center and the moderate right. For his part, Boric downplayed the allegations of wanting to follow in the footsteps of Venezuelan chavismo and instead managed to bring not only the young and less affluent classes together, but also the middle class and intellectuals, and proposed a new welfare model before the state, with a strong one Development of the welfare state, taxes for the super-rich and the fight against inequality.

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