Vaccine mandate and passport likely hit Boston, sparking legal battle between Michelle Wu and the unions – archyde

A COVID-19 vaccine mandate and passport in Boston – as the number of virus cases and hospital stays increase before Christmas – is likely to spark a lawsuit from unions and other groups.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu will announce a series of new coronavirus vaccine guidelines on Monday as the highly contagious variant of Omicron spreads rapidly and hospital admissions for COVID-19 increase.

Wu would not provide any new vaccination guidelines when asked on Sunday, but the city’s unions announced a “big change” to their members over the weekend in particular: city workers must be vaccinated and can no longer test the vaccination Mandate. The workers could be fired if they don’t get the shot.

“We are taking steps to make sure we step up protection across the city when cases rise and to make sure Boston is at the forefront of what we need to do to protect our city,” Wu said on Sunday , in front of Brighton’s Corrib Pub for the Allston-Brighton toy ride.

“We’ll have more policy updates and the latest on COVID tomorrow,” she added.

The city’s 18,000 employees have the option of either getting vaccinated or being tested regularly.

A memo from Boston Firefighter Local 718 said the city will mandate vaccinations for employees and the testing option will be removed.

“This is an important change from our current policy, which includes a testing option for our members who have chosen not to be vaccinated,” wrote John Soares, president of Boston Firefighters Local 718, in the memo.

“We have notified our attorney of this policy change and are having discussions with our brothers and sisters from the other city unions,” he later added. “As you know, this is a complex issue and it has created a lot of controversy not just in Boston but across the country. We check our legal options and meet with the city’s employment office. “

The letter from Boston Firefighters Local 718 was first reported from Live Boston over the weekend.

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