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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – species insect Mayfly (ordo Mayflies) or dragonflies are animals that live the fastest. The lifespan of this insect is only 24 hours. That is why the mayfly is also known as the mayfly. More than 3,000 mayfly species have been documented worldwide.

The growth of the mayfly goes through four phases, viz No, Nymph, subimago and imago. During the metamorphosis phase of the adult insect (imago), this is the end of the mayfly age.

quote Pin Live, Mayfly lay their eggs in the water, then they hatch after two weeks. After the nymph comes out of the egg, the life process begins until the skin changes 50 times. The length of the cycle also varies. Some are only two weeks. Some are up to two years old, as quoted from Britannica.

The process of releasing the nymph’s skin usually occurs on the surface of the water. Part of his body stayed in the water. The vulnerable phase of life lies between the nymph and subimago phases as it becomes the target of both land and aquatic predators.

After 50 moults, the subimago (the phase is not yet sexually mature) detaches from the skin of the last nymph. Subimago shows up, then flies in search of a comfortable spot to take cover. The Subimago sheds its skin within a few days. In this imago phase (sexual maturity) the mayfly is born.

The life stage of the mayfly immediately carries out the breeding process. Mayfly will mate in a very short time. proceedings reproduction only happened in one night. After this reproduction, the mayfly will die.


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