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Bad news for many Super Bonus Cashback winners who did not receive the € 1,500 prize for a very unexpected reason. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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The last month of the year has arrived and brings with it the long-awaited vacation that both adults and children love so much. Many do the last shopping before Christmas to give gifts of various kinds to friends and relatives. To do this, of course, you have to put your hand in your wallet and shell out something money. It is precisely in this context that the news of the 100,000 taxpayers who are entitled to receive the 1,500 euros in super cashback prizes.

In fact, Consap completed the withdrawal of this bonus a few days ago, which, as we recall, has not been reconfirmed. Contrary to what was suggested, however not everyone was credited the amount questionable. An undoubtedly unpleasant situation, especially when you consider that there is a really unexpected reason for this non-payment. But what happened So let’s go into the details and see all there is to know about it.

Super Bonus Cashback, the payments are finally arriving: everything you need to know

As is known, the previous government led by Conte decided to start the program Cashback to promote the use of various electronic payment instruments and thus fight tax evasion. For this purpose it was decided a 10% refund, up to a maximum of 150 euros, for payments by EC or credit card during the reference semester.

But not only that, the is one of the most coveted awards Super Cashbackwhat comes as a bonus 1500 Euro, intended for the first 100,000 users who had the most transactions between January 1 and June 30, 2021.

The latter has even been credited with the long-awaited reimbursement of the Super Cashback in the last few days. After many postponements, Consap actually announced that “fuh technical banking hours can begin with the display“Accreditation of the award due from December 3rd, 2021“.

Super Bonus Cashback, many do not receive the payout: The mistake is expensive

The award in question was therefore attributed to many, but not to all. Also based on what was recently communicated by Consap, the body appointed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to make the refunds in question, some winners of the Super Cashback Bonus will not receive the long-awaited 1,500 eurosor. Unexpected news, especially when you consider that the reason for this decision is undoubtedly unexpected.

As reported by Consap itself, as reported by Investireoggi, 37 of the winners of the super cashback bonus could not receive the payment because they did not proceed communicate your Iban correctly or in any case in a timely manner. A mistake that could certainly have been avoided and cost 1,500 euros.

Cashback won’t come back in 2022: the decision

Apartment on the CashbackWe remind you that June 30th, 2021 was the last day of this program. In fact, the Draghi-led government initially decided to freeze this initiative, but it was not reaffirmed for the second half of the year. But not only that, after that he definitely has it blocked this measure by theone Budgetmanöver 2022.

The program, which caught the interest of up to 8.9 million Italians, will therefore not return in 2022. Therefore, when the Super Cashback payments are complete, we can say goodbye to this program for good. Often the topic controversySuper cashback was one of the incentives that got the most attention.

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The latter, as we recall, gave rise to a lot of advertisements use tricks of various kinds just to climb the leaderboard. Below that we remember the trick of Split a single purchase into many small payments. A not unnoticed situation which turns out to be one of the reasons that led the government not to reconfirm the cashback bonus.

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