Sander Lantinga and partners welcome fourth child after violent birth – archyde

Lily-Lexi was born on Thursday December 16th. According to Sander, the birth was “maybe too fast”, he writes on Instagram. “Tess lost three liters of blood after giving birth to an ‘overtired’ uterus. This prevents the uterus from closing and the bleeding continues. Tess was then hoisted out of the house and “taken to the hospital in a screaming ambulance”.

The whole family has now returned home healthy. Sander realizes once again how fragile and fragile life is. “And that you should never make anything too plausible. Women are the strongest beings on earth. ‘ And he thanks the nursing staff.

Sander and his partner Tessel are married and became parents of Klaas in 2014, daughter Molly in 2016 and daughter Cato in 2018.

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