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Brian May, 74, announced that he is on the eighth day of his 10-day Covid isolation but admitted that symptoms of the virus have worsened since his more optimistic update on Sunday. So the Queen guitarist had an important message for anyone in the UK who should take care of themselves as he made it clear that “this stuff is no longer entertaining”.

Brian took to Instagram in the early hours of Monday morning and shared a video of his strikingly positive lateral flow test before zooming in on a watch that said, “It’s Always Guinness Time.”

“Day eight for me – the eighth day after enough coronavirus organisms entered my body to make me fall,” he started the long post.

“First of all, yesterday I think I was a little too optimistic because I imagined that the red ‘T’ line looked weaker. Today it’s a different test kit – but the lines look pretty much the same intensity today.

“So I assume that the fight is still going on in my body. It feels that way too – that dry whooping cough came back today, and there is some kind of fountain of irritation on one side of my sinuses. “

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“Where do all these statistics come from every day? I would be very interested to hear from someone who knows the answer to that, ”he wondered.

Brian finished his update with a little happy piece of advice, adding, “All the best and good luck out there.

“I’ll say it again … it is now very obvious that while the lateral flow test is a useful guide, if you get a negative result tomorrow morning, you cannot 100 percent guarantee that you will not be infected and contagious all day .

“So in the interests of everyone around you, be careful – masks, social distancing, common sense – and only go to an indoor gathering when you are really sure that the risk is worth it.


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