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During this time you may have heard that Muslims are haram wish me a merry christmas for Christians. The reason is by saying you are part of celebrating it. There are also those who say that it is not in accordance with Islamic law, mother. Recently, however, the chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) for the Da’wah, Cholil Nafis, said that the Muslims wish you a Merry Christmas, mother.

Cholil Nafis personally stressed that it is okay for Muslims to wish a Merry Christmas to Christians who celebrate it. What is the reason?

“I have come to the conclusion that it is legal to wish me a Merry Christmas. Especially for those who have Christian relatives or for civil servants in Indonesia whose society is plural, ”Cholil said in his official statement recently.

Muslims who say Merry Christmas only show respect to Christians who celebrate it, according to Chollil. Instead of admitting your belief, mother.

In addition to his testimony, Chollil also stated that Fatwa MUI In 1981, regarding the common Christmas party, there was no explanation of the ban on saying Merry Christmas. According to him, the fatwa bans Muslims from participating in Christmas activities.

“If you follow the 1981 MUI fatwa, it is forbidden to participate in Christmas ceremonies and Christmas activities. Therefore, the question of saying Merry Christmas is not explained in the MUI fatwa, ”said Cholil Nafis.

Cholil recognizes that some scholars in Indonesia have different opinions about wishing you a Merry Christmas. Then he appealed to those who are not interested in wishing you a Merry Christmas, there is no need to say that, mother.

“Even regional officials don’t need to put up banners to demand a Merry Christmas,” said Cholil Nafis.


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