Julia Roberts rushes George Clooney’s Jimmy Kimmel interview

George Clooney was dwarfed by Julia Roberts after she cut off his interview in a bizarre way.

he friendly actors played together in the films of Ocean and are currently shooting a new film together with the title Ticket to Paradise.

Clooney performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! before the release of his new directorial work The Tender Bar.

Kimmel also invited 10-year-old film star Daniel Ranieri to the show, with both actors performing virtually.

In the middle of the interview, however, Roberts sneaked into Clooney’s screen wearing sunglasses.

She sat in silence while Clooney pretended not to see her.

However, Kimmel was enthusiastic about the cameo and said, “Oh my god! Impressive! Holy Moly. George, I don’t know if you realize this, but there’s a woman sitting next to you. Exactly there.

Clooney looked around in confusion and continued to pretend he couldn’t see Roberts. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, man,” he said.

As Roberts left, Kimmel said, “Maybe I was hallucinating that. Impressive. But it sure looked like Julia Roberts. “

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The couple are currently filming Ticket to Paradise in Australia. It will be released in 2022.

Most recently they worked together on Jodie Foster’s 2016 film Money Monster.

After her brief appearance during the interview, Roberts was praised by viewers for the “epic” cameo.

“Little did I know I had to watch Julia Roberts crash George Clooney’s Zoom interview on Kimmel,” wrote one viewer, adding, “These two are hilarious together.”


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