Jokowi revealed already paid out village funds amounting to IDR 400.1 T: Why are you surprised? – To world


President J.Ok Widodo (Jokowi) spoke about the government’s commitment to building Indonesia from the periphery. Jokowi said Dorffonds which has been paid out since 2015 has reached Rp. 400.1 trillion.

“What we build aren’t just big, what we build aren’t just big. For example toll roads or large ports or airports or airports. Not only that, but also streets in villages, streets in villages, small ponds in villages and the repair of folk markets in villages, ”said Jokowi during the introduction of the legal entity certificates and the inauguration of the opening of the National BUM Desa Rakornas, which will take place on Monday (20.12 .2021) was broadcast on the YouTube account of the Presidential Secretariat.

“And I have to remind you that since 2015 we have distributed 400.1 trillion rupees in distributing village funds to date. Why are you silent? Are you surprised? ” Jokowi continued, whereupon the audience applauded.

Jokowi then explained the payout increase in detail Dorffonds per year. In addition, Jokowi also showed that the average APBDesa increased significantly.

“400.1 trillion rupees, as of 2015, 21 trillion Rp., Approximately 20.8 trillion Rp. 2016, 46.7 trillion Rp. 2017, 59.8 trillion Rp. 2018, 59.8 trillion Rp. 2019, 69.8 Rp trillion. And in 2020 Rp 71.1 trillion and finally Rp 72 trillion in 2021. The total was 400.1 trillion rupees. If we look at the APBDesa, it has also increased dramatically. In 2014 it was an average of 329 million rupees. 2015 increased to 701 IDR in 2021 IDR 1.6 billion. Be careful about managing village funds that are not small, the amount is very large, ”Jokowi said.

Jokowi reminded the administration of the village treasury to be correct. He didn’t want the village’s money to be wasted.

“Once the goal is wrong, if the management is not good, it can go anywhere. I have to remind you, but from the data I have you can also see how physically it was built. Village roads, for example, have built 227,000 km of village roads. Embung small, 4,500 units. Irrigation 71,000 units, bridges 1.3 million meters. 1 million three hundred meters of bridges, it’s not the number of meters. Village markets have 10,300 units. BUMDes has also currently reached 57,200 units, ”said Jokowi.

In addition, Jokowi also disclosed data on aspects of improving quality of life. The government has built a number of facilities to improve the quality of life in rural communities.

“Oh yes, I didn’t mention the quality of life. To improve the quality of life there is also 1.2 million km of clean water. Posyandu 38.00 units, Polindes 12,000 units, drainage 38 million meters, it was all built. Wells is 59,000 units, PAUD has an additional 56,000 PAUD units, there are sports facilities, there are toilets, all of which are designed to improve the quality of life in rural communities, ”explains Jokowi.

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