Hospital Puerta de Hierro has a new Training Center for Simulators

Hospitales Puerta de Hierro, through its Corporate University, presented the Simulator Training Center, CECASI.

It is an area destined for the education and training of medical personnel; with the aim of achieving continuous improvement in patient care and attention.

The center currently has high and low fidelity areas, as well as a classroom where the theoretical content is reviewed and complex clinical cases are discussed.

For the practices, Nursing Anne mannequins were purchased; advanced arms that simulate real conditions, as well as pediatric and adult backs that connect to mobile devices, to verify quality of execution.

Too a replica of a hospitalization room was installed, which has a Gesell camera; where guided and feedback sessions are held in real time.

These simulators allow you to perform venipuncture, CPR, monitoring of vital signs, auscultation, intubation, administration of medications and installation of catheters. The most important thing is that they support the training of clinical judgment for evaluation and decision-making, without putting the patient at risk.

Among the offer of graduates that CECASI will have, basic nursing skills, intensive care, basic life support, advanced cardiovascular support, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, surgical nursing, pediatric care, emergencies and neonatal intensive care unit are covered.

In later phases, more simulators and clinical scenarios will be included, with the aim of becoming a reference center at the national level.


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