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“My oldest teammate, a great musician and classmate at a rock school, as Luboš Andršt always said, died tonight. We will remember him tomorrow in Lucerne. His cousin Petr Janda is with us. RIP friend! ”Wrote singer Michal Prokop on his Facebook profile.

Music producer David Gaydečka also confirmed the information about the death to TK.

Andršt was born in Prague on July 26th 1948 and his name is inextricably linked with the Czech blues. In 1996 he was at the birth of the successful Blues Alive Festival in Šumperk.

Over the years, in addition to Michal Prokop and Jiří Stivín, he has also worked with Emil Viklický, Marián Varga, Peter Lipa and Martin Kratochvíl in his Jazz Q lineup.

In early 1973 he founded his own blues rock group Energit, later he performed under the name Luboš Andršt Blues Band or Luboš Andršt Group. His albums include Capricornus and Imprints. In the early 1990s, Andršt led Marta Kubišová’s support group. He played twice with BB King.

Andršt’s memorial book Still Playing I Stand Up was published last year, on which he collaborated with the Blues Alive music journalist and playwright Ondřej Bezr.

His work has recently been hampered by poor health. “He has been in the hospital for six months and his health does not allow him to play. His family does not want any details to be published, ”said Prokop in an interview with Právo in May.

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