Dubai promises to keep improving the ranking of the safest cities – archyde

Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed, Chairman of the Dubai Supreme Committee on Crisis and Disaster Management, chaired the first meeting of the Emirates Response and Preparedness Team.

Sheikh Mansoor, who is also chairman of the Dubai Council for Border Crossing Points Security, said the team’s goal is to build on the emirate’s security achievements to “rank its one of the safest cities in the world“.

Ensuring the highest global safety standards is vital to protecting life and property, he said, according to a statement from state news agency Wam.

Sheikh Mansoor also visited the headquarters of the Directorate-General for Civil Defensewhere he was briefed on the advanced technologies used in responding to emergencies.

“We are committed to the latest technologieswhich allows us to put people first and ensure a quick response, ”he tweeted.

Sheikh Mansoor also thanked the Dubai Civil Defense teams who play a vital role in making this a great deal Security and security in the emirate.

Sheikh Mansoor said Dubai’s reputation for excellence rests on a high level of preparation, which means it is able to handle any unforeseen challenges.

In March the three largest cities in the UAE reached a safety index from more than 250 urban areas.

Abu Dhabi took pole position, Sharjah finished sixth and Dubai seventh.

The survey was conducted as part of a quality of life index from the global data website Numbeo.

Last month, an international survey found that more people feel safer while go for a walk at night in the United Arab Emirates than anywhere else in the world.

Global Gallups Sea Law and order 2021 The Emirates reportedly scored 95 percent for the peace of mind of walking alone at night.

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