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For the day there are 14,235 antigen tests, 350 of which are positive, ie. 2.45% positive samples. For comparison, in the previous report there were 23,202 antigen tests, of which 506 were positive, i.e. 2.18%. PCR tests are 1402, of which 106 are positive, ie. 7.56 percent. On Saturday, these type of tests were 3542, and of them positive – 398, that is. 11.23 percent.

Bulgaria has seen a drop in weekly data on new coronavirus cases for the seventh straight week. This time, however, they are less open …

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Bulgaria is already 724,793. 3,012,478 PCR and 4,106,915 antigen tests have been performed (7,119,393 total) and the average percentage of positive samples since the pandemic started is 10.18 Percent – a decrease of 0.01% daily.

The number of active cases is increasing and now stands at 96,008, 180 more than in the previous report. The number of hospital admissions has also risen to 4613, which is 38 more (139 were hospitalized, 101 discharged). 527 patients are admitted to intensive care units – 5 fewer every day. 241 people have recovered, the total is now 598,703. 35 people have died – 2 more than on Saturday when there were 33 victims. This brings the total number of those who lost the fight against the virus in Bulgaria to 30,082.

The Ministry of Health has already provided data on the proportion of those infected, hospitalized and deceased who were not fully vaccinated. In the past 24 hours, 80.48 percent of those who tested positive had not been vaccinated. 87.77% of hospital admissions are also unvaccinated. 77.14% of those who died during the day were not vaccinated. A total of 17,880 medical staff are among the official coronavirus cases, i.e. no change in everyday life.

312.77 is the 14-day incidence per 100,000 population compared to 316.39 in yesterday’s report. 146.1 is the 7-day incidence per 100,000 population compared to 147.2 in yesterday’s report. An average of 78 people have died in the last 7 days.

The standardized information portal also provides data on vaccine doses, up to now a total of 3,587,678. Of these, 1,944,861 people, or 28.1 percent, have started vaccinating, of which 1,872,504 or 27.07 percent of the population have completed circulatory vaccination. They are also taken into account 447 957 Jansen vaccines – 463 per day given in a single dose. There are 3919 vaccines for the past 24 hours. 974 is the first dose, 1906 is the second dose and 1965 is the third, the difference in the total number of Jansen vaccines given being a single dose and therefore being added to the first and second needles. 218,270 people, or 3.15 percent, also received a booster dose, and most of them – 63,365 are in the capital.

For the fourth week in a row, the statistics on quarantined active coronavirus cases in Bulgaria are clearly broken and …

Most of the cases were found again in Sofia – 126, followed by Varna with 56. In two districts – Vidin and Kyustendil – there was not a single new registered infected person in the last 24 hours.


A total of 9,171,119 coronavirus cases have already been confirmed Turkey, with 16,910 new infections. 8,785,600 have recovered – 22,858 new ones. 80,415 people died with 171 victims per day. New cases were discovered in 349,193 tests, meaning 4.84 percent of the samples were positive.

Romania remains in second place in the number of cases in the Balkans – 1,798,205. Of these, 1,724,809 with 864 new cases have recovered so far. The total death toll from the virus is 58,196, with 53 deaths in the past 24 hours. The new cases are 499. They were detected in 25,906 PCR and antigen tests. This means that 1.92 percent of the samples are positive.

From December 20, 2021, travelers to Austria must present a certificate of vaccination or a coronavirus, t …

V Serbia officially there are 1,282,461 cases, which means there are 802 new cases every day. 1,242,509 have recovered with no new data. 12,401 patients died with 37 victims per day. 8168 tests were carried out, which corresponds to an infectivity of 9.81 percent. The situation in our western neighbors escalated with protests in early July 2020, and there were serious doubts at the time whether the official statistics were correct after Serbian President Alexander Vucic declared that there were 4,000 people with COVID-19 in Belgrade alone were overcrowded, and according to official statistics, the active cases were just over 3,000 when Vucic spoke, which doesn’t mean the cases in the hospital! According to official figures, there are currently 2,488 people in the hospital, 125 of them undergoing respiratory treatment.

Greece 2,831 new cases of coronavirus detected. 92 people died within 24 hours of infection. This means that there are a total of 1,034,070 cases of infection and 19,891 victims in the country. New cases were found in 223,636 tests, which means 1.26 percent of the samples were positive. Greece also provides data on cured patients. So far there are 958,603 with 6,946 new cases.

Croatia reached the number of 675,363 infected. Of these, 640,776 have recovered – 3,214 new and 11,981 have died, with 51 new victims. 1936 new cases were reported, which were discovered in 6973 tests. This means that the country’s infectivity is 27.76 percent. There are 22,606 active cases after only 7 active patients had the highest rate of infection.

Bosnia and Herzegovina reported 284,272 infected people, with Worldometers not providing any new information. So far, the total number of victims is 13,121. The data on those rescued are unchanged again – 192,218 people.

There are new protests in Greece against the measures due to the Covid pandemic, reports BNR. The protesters demanded the removal …

V Northern Macedonia the infected are 221,285, with 190 newly infected. A total of 207,948 people have recovered – 193 new ones. So far, 7,815 patients, or 14 per day, have died. The new cases were found in 2592 tests, which means 7.33 percent of the samples were positive.

V Albania the confirmed cases are already 205,777, with 228 new. 197,376 patients have recovered so far – 321 new ones. 3,166 people died, 5 of them per day. The new cases were detected in 2370 tests, which corresponds to an infectivity of 9.62 percent.

Montenegro 160,995 infected people reported, of which 177 were newly infected. The victims so far have been 2,375 people, or 2 a day. 156,633 patients have recovered, including 174 new.

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