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Not just two, but three women have publicly stated that they have been sexually abused by the American actress Krista Nota. The sheet music is best known around the world as Mr. Great from the cult series “Sex and the City”. The continuation of the series “And That’s the Time It Goes…”

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Delphi previously reported that two women hold Christ Notu responsible for the sexual abuse and rape that rendered women anonymous in 2004 and 2015. After the scandal broke out, another woman, Ava, shares her story: She reveals that Chris Not sexually abused her in 2010 when she was an eighteen-year-old restaurant worker in Manhattan.

In the week since the influential media agency “The Hollywodd Reporter” reported on the allegations of the women, the employment agency A3 Artists from Nota stopped working with them: “Nots is no longer our client”.

Meanwhile, several US media reports on a difficult situation in Nota’s family: Tara Wilson’s wife was surprised by all this news. Nots has been married to businessman Tars Wilson since 2012, both of whom were at the premiere of the new series in New York.

Wilson is 39 years old and Notam is 67. The actor met his wife in 2001 while she was working as a bartender at Notam’s club, The Cutting Room. Two sons, Orion (13 years old) and Keith (18 months old), were born in marriage. The couple married in a discreet ceremony in Hawaii in 2012.

An anonymous source told the American tabloid “The Sun” that the family has not been well at all since the sex scandal in the actor’s family. Tara Wilson is very upset. The family had planned to celebrate Christmas together, but now the question mark stands. Wilson is currently in Los Angeles and is shocked by what happened. As a friend knows, it’s because the wife has only now learned that the husband is not monogamous.

Chris Not himself denies all allegations of sexual abuse, reports Page Six. One of his friends said that “there are two sides to every story, and you need to know the other before trying anyone.”

“Chris I know is not what these women describe. All of his friends are on his side. Yes, he’s flirting, but he’s definitely not a culprit. [producents Hārvijs Vainstīns, kuru notiesāja par seksuālu vardarbību pret aktrisēm Holivudā – red.]. I believe in him and believe that the information given is a lie, ”said a friend of Nota’s.

The actor himself is currently extremely confused and shocked as well as stunned why women are starting to talk now – when fans of “Sex and the City” all over the world follow the continuation of the series. A spokesman for the actor said the women’s allegations were fictitious and that he knew of the film industry scandal a few days before The Hollywood Reporter was released. A spokesman for Nota described all of the allegations as “bad fiction that is being republished around the world”.

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