According to experts, politicians are now also giving the green light to vaccinate children aged 5 and over – archyde

How does child vaccination work?
Children are treated with a reduced dose of 10 micrograms compared to 30 micrograms for adults. As with adults, they will receive two injections in the upper arm every three weeks.

Pfizer conducted a study of about 2,000 children and concluded that the vaccine was 90.7 percent effective against symptoms from the 7th day after the second dose. The effectiveness of the vaccine will continue to be monitored.

The clinical tests also showed that children had fewer side effects after the injection. No serious side effects were noted. The test group is too small to notice rare side effects, says Pfizer. The most common side effects in the study were the same as in adults: injection site pain, possibly fatigue, and possibly febrile symptoms.

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