A BOLA – Vilafranquense stoppt Benfica B in Seixal (League 2) – Nach Welt

Benfica B draw against Vilafranquense in a match for the 15th round of League 2. It was the last point in a series of three straight wins for the young Eagles.

In a game dominated by red, Henrique Araújo had a sovereign chance to take the lead when he converted a penalty in the 29th minute. However, the striker had Adriano Facchini saved.

With this result, Benfica B is in first place with 33 points, six more than Rio Ave. Vilafranquense will be in 14th place with 16 points, plus four more than Covilhã, the first team in the relegation zone.

Check out the main incidents of the game here:

5:53 p.m.: End of the game with a goalless draw.

85′: Adriano Facchini’s save after Úmaro Embaló’s free kick

82′: Yellow card for Marco Valente (Vilafranquense)

81′: Gelb für Filipe Melo (Vilafranquense).

80′: João Neto (Benfica B) Gelbe Karte

78 .: Substitution at Benfica B. Henrique Araújo does duk. place

75 .: Substitution at Vilafranquense. Ença Fati and Nuno Rodrigues drive to the entrances of Belkheir and Edu Machado.

70′: Umaro Baldé (Benfica B) shot against the post. The eagle passed the goalkeeper, but did not hit the back of the net.

69′: Yellow for Umaro Baldé (Vilafranquense).

68′: Replacement in Vilafranquense. Leonardo and Wagner give way to Filipe Melo and Umaro Baldé

63 .: Substitution at Benfica B. Tiago Gouveia and Ronaldo Camará are replaced by Henrique Pereira and João Neto.

51′: Yellow card for Dioh (Vilafranquense)

5:03 p.m.: The second half begins.

16.48 hours: interval with a zero on the marker.

37′: Nathan Bizet (Vilafranquense) gets a headshot in the hands of Svilar.

34 .: Substitution at Vilafranquense. Simon Jr. makes way for Nathan Bizet.

28 .: Penalty for Benfica B! Referee Iancu Vasilica signaled Marco Valentes (Vilafranquense) hand on the ball. Henrique Araújo was called to conversion and allowed Adriano Facchini to defend.

27′: Tiago Gouveia (Benfica B) tried a hat but missed the goal

25: Yellow card for Leonardo (Vilafranquense).

20′: Benfica B’s new attempt, Ronaldo Camará shoots out.

fifteen’: Rafael Brito (Benfica B) shot over the goal.

11′: Yellow for Sandro Cruz (Benfica B).

10′: Veiga (Vilafranquense) is shown a yellow card.

16 hours: start of the game!

3.30 p.m .: The eleven are already known.

Benfica B: Svilar; Filipe Cruz, Tomás Araújo, Pedro Álvaro, Sandro Cruz; Rafael Brito, Martim Neto, Ronaldo Camará; Umaro Embaló, Henrique Araújo und Tiago Gouveia.

Coach: Nelson Verissimo.

Vilafranquense: Adriano Facchini; Prinz Mendy, Valente, Simão Jr.; Veiga, Dioh, Leonardo, Mike; Wagner, Nuno Rodrigues and Ença Fati.

Coach: Filipe Gouveia.



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