8-year-old single Venna Melinda reveals the reason why she wants to open her heart to Ferry Irawan – archyde


News about the vicinity of Ferry Irawan and Venna Melinda quite a shock to the public. The reason is that their special relationship was not recognized by the media and their friends. Ferry and Venna also want to get married next year.

When they heard this news, the public wondered if Ferry and Venna were really serious or just forged, Mother. In response, Venna and Ferry also stated that the two families had met and agreed.

“When forged It’s slander, the parents met. They both got to know each other, ”said Venna to Feni Rose, reported by kanal YouTube TRANS TV OFFICIAL.

On the same occasion, Ferry added: “I’m still preparing everything. In any case, everything is prepared, it has been transmitted since yesterday, I have expressed my intentions and goals to Venna, both of her parents. “

Venna said Ferry to Iran Parents are no longer checked for seriousness. Rather, he livedFit and decent test‘. Ferry was asked a series of questions that are considered scary. In fact, Ferry was asked to take an oath by his parents.

“Asked from AZ. ‘What are you aiming for?’ My goal is the number one worship that Venna marries. Second: ‘What is the guarantee?’ We are Muslims, right now you are taking an oath in the name of Allah that you will take care of Venna. I swear, ”said Ferry.

The 49-year-old artist confirmed that he and Ferry had never founded or planned Mama. Also, Venna has lived alone for 8 years and is quite picky about her partner.

“Also, I’ve been single for 8 years, picky. He said that to me once and I refused, ”said Venna.

After being single and very selective for 8 years, Venna also revealed the reason why she opened her heart to Ferry Irawan and stood firm marry with him. Read the continuation on the next page.

Also watch the video about Venna Melinda with Vania:

[Gambas:Video Haibunda]



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