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Imagine getting up every morning to come to practice at 5 a.m., going through a full day of school, then practicing for three hours after school, and then waking up the next day to do it all over again to do. Welcome to the life of a Waubonsie Valley High School swim team member. But there is a need to keep up with the top programs in the state. Find out more in the current team profile, presented by Acura advantage.

Chris Hagenbaumer: “It’s not an easy sport. Our swimmers probably have the highest grade point average in the school so not only do they work hard in the pool, they work hard in school too. You’re here before dawn at 5 a.m. and we practice an hour and a half before school and we’re here two to three hours after school, almost every day. ”

Trainer Hagenbaumer started four years ago as the head coach of the Waubonsie Boys in swimming. The team takes a DVC championship and a third place in the state in 2019, and another top 5 position in the state in 2020. This year, the Warriors are working to overcome the loss of 3 seniors who are making important marks on the program to have.

Arnav Deshpande: I’ve seen a huge improvement since we got our new coach, we have the third, fifth state and last year there was no state but we won the conference that was our last meeting. So really, really big improvements and I’m really excited to see what we can do this year.

Trainer Hagenbaumer’s first freshmen will graduate this spring. Arnav Despande and Nathaniel Jefferson have been with Hagenbaumer from the start. Both seniors have big goals for the Waubonsie boys for the remainder of the season and fond memories of their time on the team.

Hagenbaumer: “So this is my first complete senior group, Arnav and Nathaniel. It’s going to be bittersweet. I love these two guys. I’ve seen him for four years. I’ve seen it grow and the kids are amazing. And that’s why I love doing what I do. ”

Nathaniel Jefferson: “I’ve always loved the team since the first year because we got a new coaching year, so as a new team environment. But we started, it was really fun and it has been fun ever since. I love everyone here when the Waubonsie boys swim. We really support each other and everything, and it’s just a great team environment and I love being here. ”

Deshpande: “I really like one of my biggest goals this year is a state title and we haven’t had a state championship in 25 years. We had a state winner and in 25 years it will be easier. So that’s one of the biggest goals after this year that I want to leave behind for this school. And of course I want to leave a good thing behind and inspire everyone to keep striving for the best, because Waubonsie has been a really big threat in recent years. “

After winning the DVC last year and finishing the season in section runner-up, the Warriors look forward to a full state series in 2022 and what might be expected in the conference race.

Hagenbaumer: “I hope. I always hope that all of our children swim quickly and well. I love DVC. I love the energy that meeting our team brings into our hours. This is our first big, big meeting of the season. I would say that every meeting that leads to it is just a competition. But DVC is a big gathering and a lot of fun. Sectionals is right next to it and then State behind it. So these are our three big goals for the season, and we will strive for them every day. “


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