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Airing on TF1 tonight, Ice Age 5: The Laws of the Universe brings the entire prehistoric band together for an incredible adventure. If this is the last movie in history, another movie has been announced … but not in theaters!

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The fifth and final opus in prehistoric history, Ice Age 5: Rules of the Universe, which aired on TF1 tonight, ended the insane adventures of Sid, Manny, Diego and other bands that were released in 2016.

In this film, the gang has to leave their habitat because of Scrat, who goes into space in search of his evil glans. The latter caused a collision between the two planets that formed an asteroid towards Earth.

As the world of Ice Age looms, the mob embarks on a journey through its incredibly fascinating landscapes to meet new wacky and exciting characters, but look back on the brave whistling side of the dinosaur dinosaurs.


A sequel to Disney +

If The Laws of the Universe had been the last film in the franchise so far, fans could have been happier during Disney Day when it was announced that the company was announcing its next plans, Part 6! However, the new film will not be shown in the cinemas, but will be shown on the Disney + platform.

With the title Ice Age: The Adventures of Buck Wild, this new work is, as the name suggests, dedicated to the famous weasel and his friends Crash and Eddie. The trio and other characters embark on a prehistoric mission to save the lost world from the rule of dinosaurs.

Find the trailer for this new installment, which will be released on Disney + on January 28th, 2022 and feature Sid, Manny and Diego in-game:

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