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Compared to other gender variants, anal sex is considered to be risky. Pathways that are not naturally designed for sex facilitate injury and the transmission of infection.

This was confirmed by Dr. Haekal Anshari, M. Biomed, sexologist and anti-aging expert, in conversation with Haibunda. According to Dr. Haekal easily transmits sexually transmitted infections, ranging from syphilis to gonorrhea, to anal sex.

“In contrast to the vagina, the anus has a very thin and sensitive lining. The anus also has no natural lubricants, so the anus is at risk of injury if penetration is either through the penis, fingers, or other tools such as sex toys, ”explained Dr. Haekal.

The risk of infection is not only in the anus, but also in the vagina, which is close together. The risk increases when anal sex is combined with vaginal sex.

Another risk to watch out for is the anal sphincter, which is caused by the penetration of Mr.P.


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