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Studio Bohemia Interactive officially after various tastings and references introduced its new game engine Enfusion, which will power its upcoming games. With a little exaggeration, we could say that we can, for example, track the future of the popular army. It is a cross-platform technology that promises not only beautiful graphics, but also a friendly user interface or above-average support for modifications. “Engine Enfusion, along with developer tools and user documentation, will soon be released to the public, along with the first official playable demonstration of its benefits,” said the studio.

“Since Bohemia Interactive was founded 22 years ago, we have always preferred to use our own in-house engine. No other engine available on the market has allowed us to create the games we want.

From the point of view of the average user, the most attractive version is now a series of screenshots and a series of screenshots thanks to which we can enjoy the new technology. The new engine has been developed for 4 years in the Bohemia Interactive branches in Prague, Brno and Mníšek pod Brdy. However, the first cornerstone was laid in 2014. There are currently 30 people involved in the development and, according to Bohemka, this is their most important current project.

“Since Bohemia Interactive was founded 22 years ago, we have always preferred to use our own in-house engine. No other engine available on the market has allowed us to create the games we would like, ie simulations with detailed physics that operate on a massive open world scale and that players and communities can easily customize to their image ” recalls the founder and director of Studio Marek Spain.

Source: Bohemia Interactive

In his opinion, nothing has changed. “Our aging real virtuality engine, which is used in our Arma 3 title, for example, has increasingly reached its technological limits. Enfusion, on the other hand, is ready to face the technological challenges of the future and will, without exaggeration, shape the shape of our games for the next decade, ”he added. The new technology enables games to be developed for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. According to Bohemka, gamers on the PC and Xbox will be happy about the full support of the DirectX 12 interface. Shaders written in HLSL are used for rendering, ”explains the team.

The authors promise that, thanks to Enfusion, their games will keep up with the times and, thanks to optimization, will enable them to run smoothly even in demanding simulations. “The developers have also gone to great lengths to improve the network code, which promises an even better multiplayer experience,” the studio continues. Game designers, in turn, will appreciate the clarity and ease of use for developers. Thanks to the Enfusion Workbench toolkit, you can easily change the attributes of the game or mode being developed. According to Bohemia Interactive, the authors of the modifications receive the same professional tools that are used by the developers within the team.

The development of the engine continues and Enfusion has yet to be improved. Despite everything that has been said about its versatility and accessibility, Bohemka has no plans yet to license the engine to other developers to develop their own games. Enfusion is said to represent 20 years of experience in developing its own technology. What this mysterious playable example will be is now the subject of much speculation. There is a lot of talk about the possibility of looking back into history in the new engine and returning to Flashpoint later this year as part of the so-called Arma Reforger in the Leaks.

Bohemia Interactive has so far used its own Real Virtuality (Flashpoint, Arma, DayZ) and Enforce (Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, Take on Mars) engines. But you also have experience with other technologies. With Vigor, the authors used Unreal Engine 4, with the Ylands they relied on Unity. However, parts of Enfusion have already been used by DayZ. While the writers themselves say they have nothing to say about Army 4 now, they add that Enfusion will take advantage of any potential new game in the series.

The authors have also started new official websitewhere you can find more details. You can shorten the waiting time for more Bohemka titles.

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