Kiril Petkov wouldn’t sacrifice Boyko Rashkov for a constitutional majority – Bulgaria – archyde

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov is unwilling to replace Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov in order to have a constitutional majority in favor of judicial reform. The reason for his statement was during an interview for the program “Panorama” on BNT, which was made for his first visit as prime minister before his departure to Brussels for his first visit as prime minister, whether he would replace the power minister referred to by GERB as the red line Reach constitutional majority for changes in the judiciary.

“When it comes to such an important issue as the functioning of the judiciary and the prosecution, it means that there is no will when it comes to one person or another. If it’s not this red line, it will be different, ”said Petkov.

He added that his dream is to have justice in the country that will show that there are no unpunished violations of the law.

“Our job is to get people into the public prosecutor’s office and the anti-corruption commission who don’t have the brakes to investigate every thief, past or now. The thieves’ lustration is important, ”he added.

According to him, Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov has full freedom to conduct all investigations. Petkov added that “the umbrellas are over” and no one can feel protected anymore, even if they are part of the ruling coalition.

The Prime Minister reiterated that increasing the number of people vaccinated was a top priority for the government. According to him, there will be a new wave in February if vaccination levels do not rise, which will result in further shop closings and thousands of students staying at home. To this end, an information campaign is being started to encourage people with comorbidities to get vaccinated, as this gives them a better chance of getting rid of the coronavirus.

Petkov also commented on the moratorium on electricity and heating prices and the scandals in parliament surrounding his vote. For him, it is the right step to take to solve the problem. According to him, the cabinet will work hard for the next three months to avoid a jump in prices after the fall of the moratorium. He described the GERB’s actions as “games” and “machinations” after the party proposed a moratorium in its original form, which was retroactive.

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