Weather: cold and snow will return after a warmer weekend – archyde

After cooking, the temperature will reach 2 to 5 degrees. No significant precipitation is expected. A gusty northwest wind is blowing in the sky. In between the sun appears. A sunny day will be on the west side of the country.

In the night to Saturday the clouds change with short sunshine. The probability of precipitation will be low. The north-westerly wind is much calmer. When the temperature drops, a cloud forms in some places and fog forms in the second half of the night. In many places the temperature will drop to 1-3 degrees, on the northeastern edge to 5 degrees and at the sea it will be around 3 degrees.

On Saturday, warmer weather with rain falls on us again. Heavy rains, mostly wet, will cover the eastern part of the country, with light rains possible at the beginning of the day. The moderate winds turn from southwest to west. During the day, temperatures are between 2 degrees Celsius in the east of the country and 6 degrees Celsius.

In the night of Sunday the temperatures stay just above zero degrees. There will be weak ropes in many places and fog will fall in places. As of Sunday morning, the northern areas in the northwest will blow quite hard and bring a wave of colder weather with it. During the day, light rain mixes with the snow. The temperature will be 2 to 5 degrees higher at the beginning of the day and will drop many degrees to zero in the evening, and icing will begin.

Winter will come again and will establish itself early next week.

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