Washington First Assembly of God Hosts Free Christmas Dinner | KCII-Funk – To the world

The Washington First Assembly of God is holding its fifth ward Christmas dinner next week, which may have the largest attendance ever.

The dinner was originally hosted by the Washington Church of God, and Pastor Dave Watson says the church came up to them four years ago to hand over the reins: “We started exactly as it used to be, and we have about serving our first year. ”, 150 meals, that was great, but we thought,“ Hey, we could serve a lot more people, so how can we improve it? How can we not only get church partnerships, but how can we get local church partnerships? ‘ And so we started to work very hard in the next few years and grew from 150 meals in the first year to over 250 in the next year and last year we were over 350 meals that we had despite the COVID that we turned it into a transit Event.”

The Church expects 450-500 attendees this year, and Watson says they look forward to hosting another in-person dinner that includes takeaway and delivery options. Doors open for the event at 10:30 am Saturday, December 25, at 1602 East Washington Street with dinner 11 am-1pm. Watson urges those interested in receiving a free meal to contact the Church in advance so that you can appreciate how many people you will serve. For contact information about meal reservations, volunteering, or dinner donations, call or email the above phone number [email protected], and tune in to KCII next week for more from Watson during a two-part Halcyon House Washington Page.


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