VW improves infotainment in the new Golf and thus reacts to customer criticism – Nach Welt

We have had the new Volkswagen Golf in our tests several times and, with one exception, mostly received a very positive rating. We are talking about a new infotainment system that was problematic even before the introduction of the car. But even after its introduction, the system could not get rid of teething troubles and often managed to torment with its moods such as slow reactions and freezing. But that should change.

The car manufacturer has announced quite extensive improvements to the infotainment system for the Eight Golf, including new hardware and software. The basis is still the modular infotainment MIB 3, which, however, has been given a more powerful SoC (System on a Chip). The system has a quad-core processor, a graphics card and a digital signal processor for audio.

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Thanks to the new hardware, the new device should offer up to 25 percent more computing capacity, while the graphics card offers up to three times more performance, which the customer should feel through significantly faster system starts and better responses. For example, when searching for an address in the navigation system, the target system is displayed within five seconds – much earlier than usual.

The new infotainment should go into series production in the coming weeks, but Volkswagen is also thinking of existing users. Optimized software is to appear for their cars and infotainments next year, which is supposed to improve the functions of the existing and new infotainments.

With the new infotainment system, the car manufacturer is also attracting significantly improved voice control, which is supposed to react much faster and at the same time can handle common idioms – the crew will not have to rely on certain commands. Thanks to digital microphones, the car also knows which part of the car the command is coming from and can, for example, only set the air conditioning for the driver or front passenger.

In addition, with the new infotainment system, the car manufacturer has also improved work with the touchscreen. For example, if the user’s finger approaches the screen a few centimeters, the buttons around the hazard warning light button are locked. After touching the screen, the touchpads for adjusting the temperature and volume of the sound below the screen are also locked.

The user can rest their hand without inadvertently tampering with the temperature or volume of the audio. A light touch is sufficient when working with the touchscreen. In addition, thanks to the infrared motion / distance sensor technology, the system reacts smoothly to gestures that are made a few centimeters away from the screen.



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