The respected Albert Biermann becomes Head of Development at Hyundai – Nach Welt

Hyundai announces a big change. Albert Biremann eventually becomes head of development for this Korean group. However, he will continue to serve the group as Executive Technical Advisor based in Europe. In this role, he advises on the development of new products and future technologies, such as battery-electric vehicles or hydrogen-powered models. It will also support the electrification of sports cars and pass on experience in the automaker’s European technology center.

“It was a great pleasure and honor to work for the Hyundai Motor Group and to lead our engineering department to the ‘best’ research and development center in the entire automotive industry. Now our vehicles differ from the competition in many ways. “And embody our strong engineering competence and our commitment,” says Biermann himself.

“Thanks to Albert’s tireless dedication, unwavering dedication and great passion for the company, we have achieved many great successes in our vehicle lines that would make it impossible to name them all,” said Euisun Chung, CEO of Hyundai Motor Group Biermann.

The car manufacturer himself declared Biermann’s end of office with his retirement, since he is 65 years old. However, the Korean media recently speculated that Birmann’s departure was part of a major change in corporate management, as part of a change in strategy. Hyundai also announced that it wants to be not just a car manufacturer, but a “mobility company”. In the course of this transformation, the famous design president Peter Schreyer could allegedly resign. However, he is already 68 years old, so his retirement is also being offered.

Albert Biermann joined the Hyundai Group in April 2015 when he became Executive Vice President, Hyundai-Kia High-Performance Vehicle Testing and Development, but gradually became Head of Development and Research at Hyundai-Kia. His current position was officially named “President and Head of Research and Development Hyundai-Kia”.

Originally a German engineer, he joined the Korean automobile manufacturer after more than 30 years at BMW. There he gradually developed from a chassis test engineer to Vice President Mechanical Engineering at BMW M and head of high-performance vehicle development. There he had already built up respect, which he then used at Hyundai for his wealth of experience.

On the surface, Birmann’s most visible work is the creation of Division N, which focuses on sports versions of Hyundai cars. But the carmaker himself appreciates his influence on the improvement of the driving characteristics of ordinary cars from Hyundai, Kia and Genesis, which he also oversees. The winner was also created under his leadership E-GMP platform Developed exclusively for the needs of electric cars, which are used by Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, among others.


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