Signs of the apocalypse are clearly visible, the whole world can be restless – Nach Welt – signature End of the world more clearly visible. There are end time scenarios that can make you weak. The whole world could be restless if they listened.

What is causing this concern is already visible in Antarctica. There is the Thwaites Glacier, which is melting faster due to the worsening climate crisis.

This is not a random glacier. glacier it’s very wide. In Antarctica, it is known as the Doomsday Glacier.

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The glacier that flows into the Amundsen Sea off West Antarctica is about the size of England or Florida.

Scientists see this as a great danger to the earth.

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The Mirror announced that this could result in a hard-to-imagine disaster.

This melting of the glaciers should contribute four percent to the annual global sea level rise.

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Scientists call the glacier threatened with severe collapse.

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