“Selling Sunset” – Christine Quinn: – Shares a bad secret

In May, “Selling Sunset” became a star Christine Quinn (33) and husband Christian Richard parents of a young boy, Christian Georges Dumonte.

The birth, on the other hand, was a nightmare. In an Instagram post, the new mother wrote that she was glad that she and her son are still alive.

The Netflix profile was in a very inconvenient place when his son decided to be born. She was filming two weeks before the semester. The birth ended with an emergency caesarean section with the umbilical cord around the baby’s head.

“Baby C was just seconds away from being done with it,” the reality star said in the Post.

Panic attack

“Selling Sunset” allowed viewers to follow Quinn’s pregnancy. Now, however, the reality star reveals that her pregnancy experience was very different from what it was on screen.

– On the show, they make fun of being out late. It was because I had panic attacks and feared something was wrong with the pregnancy, the real estate agent openly states AND Canada.

The 33-year-old also says that privately she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and postpartum depression after the dramatic birth.

PTSD is described as a mental disorder that occurs after a stressful life event and can be treated with cognitive therapy, among other things Lommelegen.

Quinn describes her workplace, the office in Oppenheim, as “the lion’s den” and finds that her colleagues have muddled together, which in her opinion was difficult.

– The problem I struggled with was that everyone was saying, “Well, she’s so thin, she’s like that, she’s like that. But inside I was struggling with PTSD.

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Received criticism after yoga scene

The reality profile admits that the situation was hurtful, especially on top of what it was already going through. Quinn also believes the way the series was edited misrepresented reality, according to ET Canada.

After little Christian’s arrival was shown on the screen, Quinn appeared in a yoga practice scene. But she was still pregnant there and the clips were not shown in chronological order, she claims.

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The real estate agent also claims she was only filmed from the chest up. As a result, Quinn was criticized for training shortly after an emergency caesarean section.

The fourth season of “Selling Sunset” was also challenging for Quinn for a number of reasons. When new real estate agent Emma Hernan, 29, joined the series, Quinn and Hernan discovered they shared the same ex-girlfriend. According to Quinn, the women were encouraged to make an argument out of it. That’s what she says Page six.

Neither the other “Selling Sunset” profiles nor the production have commented on Quinn’s allegations.

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– I was upset every day because I didn’t really want to talk about it. It’s not something that really interests me.

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