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Sinfin is an agency that enables brands to increase their online presence. It’s also a digital experience platform that enables brands to manage the distribution of all of their content from a single place. The platform also offers tools with which you can create competitions: SinfinTM consists of an animation module in which you can create competitions quickly and easily without programming, and all of this in a creative way, true to its brand image!

Today we welcome Jérémy Domingo, founder of Sinfin, to tell us more about the power of competitions as a marketing strategy!

Interview with Jérémy Domingo, founder of Sinfin

JUPDLC: We find the beginnings of competition in France during the Renaissance with the advent of the lottery. How do you explain that the competition was always a great success? An inherent psychological bias?

Jeremy Domingo: The game allows you to get out of your everyday life and the norms of social life, it is an immersion in an idyllic environment in which several emotional factors are activated: letting go, personal appreciation and which promotes the development of positive emotions: happiness, joy … All the more so in this time of the global Covid-19 pandemic, in which people have to escape everyday life and think of something else. The game brings that fun feeling and sends us back to our inner child, who feels joy and joy at the idea of ​​winning a game.

JUPDLC: With the invention of advertising, competitions have gradually taken over supermarkets and printed newspapers. Why did advertisers rely on this format?

Jeremy Domingo: Brands that run competitions are more likely to attract customers or prospects interested in pricing or discounts. Advertisers regularly use this type of event at peak times (Black Friday, Christmas, new product launches, etc.) to increase the number of visitors to the stores and strengthen the brand image. Competition is a powerful marketing lever that strengthens customer loyalty and helps attract new consumers.

JUPDLC: In the digital age we find a large number of online competitions. How can you distinguish fraudulent games from real competitions?

Jeremy Domingo: The rules for competitions in France are strict with legal obligations for all types of games. A competition in good and orderly form contains certain mandatory information for the participants, namely: the rules of the game, which is clearly and publicly displayed; the name and contact details of the bailiff who registered the settlement; the name of the organizer with the start and end dates of the game; Details of the prizes to be won; the method of determining the winners; the methods of the results and of access to the personal data of the participants in order to change or delete them. All of this legal and regulatory information must be visible and available to internet users before the game starts.

JUPDLC: Why are competitions on social networks so successful (like Instagram, where they are one of the first reasons to get involved)?

Jeremy Domingo: The competitions held by brands on social networks encourage a larger community. The game mechanics are more numerous: advent calendar, raffle, speed game … It’s easier to share and broadcast on the Internet, everything is faster thanks to the many media on which the game can be broadcast: social networks, blog, website, email, Newsletter …

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JUPDLC: Are competitions more of a strategy for customer loyalty or a communication company to find new prospects?

Jeremy Domingo: The competitions animate an existing community and make it possible to gather new interested parties. The strategy of a competition and its dissemination differ depending on the campaign goal (advertising a brand or new products, attracting new prospects or retaining existing customers). The introduction of a competition must be part of a well-thought-out and well-organized marketing strategy in order to perfectly master a brand’s challenges.

JUPDLC: To what extent has the gamification of communication opened up the field of opportunities for competitions?

Jeremy Domingo: The marketing approach through the various game-competition mechanics creates playful connections and an interactive relationship between brands and their users. It’s easier and faster for a brand to get known through their games, it’s an original way that engages their community and helps attract new prospects.

JUPDLC: There are more and more competitions that combine reality and virtual. How do you see the competition of the future?

Jeremy Domingo: Games can be a real tool in a web-to-store strategy. LEGO® got this very well by making its competition over the platform SinfinTM “Virtual Egg Hunt” where the user has to go to a store or a LEGO® partner to flash a QR code, play online and try to win prizes from the brand. This campaign allows the LEGO® community to discover the brand’s products in a fun format. The competition of the future will be in a drive-to-store dynamic, it is a great way, in our opinion, to keep connected with your consumers while generating in-store traffic and promoting your offerings.

JUPDLC: What are the stages in creating a contest at Sinfin?

Jeremy Domingo: The steps to create a contest using the Sinfin platform are quick and easy. First, the brand chooses their scenario and the game mechanics they want to implement according to their campaign goals. Once the policy has been created, the regulatory part must be meticulously filled in, we have existing templates in which you only need to insert the legal information of the game: dates, prizes to be won, mechanics used … have been taken, a builder is integrated into the platform to create his quiz. Depending on the mechanism chosen, the template enables a personalized competition to be created graphically, without code and in a playful way, without deviating from the brand identity. This whole process is digitized. It saves teams time, but it also allows them to quickly and easily create innovative animation, strengthen the connection with their community and offer their users connected experiences.

Would you like to be supported in the creation of your competitions? Visit the special website of the Sinfin agency!

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