Pioneer Woman fans are in love with this friendly shop dog

The Drummond family’s love for dogs is no secret. As of 2020, the family has given loving homes to seven puppies of all breeds, though there are a large percentage of Basset Hounds (via The pioneer women blog). Drummond said in this article, “I have loved Bassets all my life. Their excess skin, floppy ears, drooping eyes and their hilarious personalities keep me entertained and my heart beat faster. ” At the time of publication, their brood includes 9 year old Walter, 2 year old Henry, and 1 year old Fred and Rusty (all Basset Hounds). There are also 6 year old Yellow Labradors Lucy and Duke. Finally, there is the 4-year-old German Shepherd, Presley.

It’s quite a pack, but is there room for a golden retriever like Trek? A fan posted on Drummond’s Instagram-Video, “So now you go home and buy a Golden and Tim will be cold all winter?” to which Drummond replied: “Haha, pretty much !!” Mama Ree was just kidding, wasn’t she? Well, maybe there is still room for one in the lovable herd of farm dogs.

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