NASA research robot finds organic molecules on Mars, evidence of life? – To world

JAKARTA – NASA’s rover, Perseverance has discovered something unique again from the planet Mars. Is an organic molecule that is found in the rocks of the Jazero crater, the planet.

According to a report from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the bedrock of Martian craters has interacted with water several times over the past thousand years.

The organic molecule was discovered by the instrument Scanning of inhabited environments with Raman and luminescence for organics and chemicals (SHERLOC) on Perseverance, the robot researcher found out that organic material is not only present in the interior of the rock, but also in the dust of other rocks.

Unfortunately, the discovery of Perseverance cannot tell whether there ever was life on Mars, as both biological and non-biological mechanisms could be responsible for organic existence.

“Curiosity also found organic material at its landing site in Gale Crater,” said Luther Beegle, SHERLOC principal researcher at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The independent Friday, December 17th

“What SHERLOC adds to the story is its ability to map the spatial distribution of organic material within rocks and to relate this organic material to the minerals found there. It helps us understand the environment in which organic matter is created. More analysis needs to be done to determine the production method for the identified organics, ”he added.

At this time, the organic molecule cannot be further studied because the sample has not yet got into the hands of scientists on Earth. The rock that Perseverance has traversed several times consists of glowing magma that is transformed several times by water. This discovery will give geologists the knowledge to understand how the planet’s early history was formed.

Perseverance has 43 sample tubes, six of which are sealed. Four of them contain rock cores, one a sample of the Martian atmosphere and the last one contains material to study how radiation or other contamination is on the planet so that earth researchers can prepare for it.


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