Murder victim with tied hands and feet in Lambadeuk, housewife from Lambhuk – nach Welt

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SERAMBINEWS.COM, BANDA ACEH – identity Murder victim from Lambadeuk Peukan Bada, Aceh Besar began to unfold.

The victim with the initials NZ (47) is Warga Lambhuk, Ulee Kareng District, City Banda Aceh.

However, the motive for the murder is still being investigated by the criminal investigation Banda Aceh.

The police chief announced this Banda Aceh, Kombes Pol Joko Krisdiyanto SIK, Durch den Leiter der Crimeanpolizei, AKP M Ryan Citra Yudha, SIK to, Friday (December 17th, 2021)

He confirmed that a female body in disrepair was found in Lambadeuk, Peukan Bada, New Zealand (17) IRT, a resident of Lambhuk.

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AKP Ryan stated that investigators of the Sat Reskrim Polresta Banda Aceh has arrested an alleged murderer.

The suspect was arrested on Wednesday night (December 15, 2021).

This means that in less than 48 hours, the suspect will be suspected of being the poor woman’s killer.

So far, the name of the suspect, the chronology and the motive of the murder that killed the woman have been kept secret.

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