Melania Trump gets into business with irreplaceable tokens – archyde

Former US first lady Melania Trump is getting into the irreplaceable token (NFT) business, which has become extremely popular this year, AFP reported.

Donald Trump’s wife has launched a new platform, with the first irreplaceable token on sale being called “Melania’s Look” – a digital image of her “cobalt blue eyes”.

In a statement, she said she was “proud” to announce her new Irreplaceable Token project, which will embody her passion for the arts and support her commitment to working with children.

Part of the funds will be used to carry out projects that help children in need learn computer technology.

The irreplaceable sign “Melania’s Look” is accompanied by an audio message “for peace” from the former First Lady of the United States. It can be bought until December 31st and the fixed price is 1 SOL – cryptocurrency Solana, which can be exchanged for 185 dollars at today’s exchange rate.

The digital work is the work of the French artist Marc-Antoine Coulomb, who, according to information on his website, has worked for publications such as “El”, “Vogue”, “Vanity Fair”.

Melania Trump wants to regularly offer irreplaceable tokens on her platform, an auction will take place in January at which collectors can acquire many valuable works – digital and classic.

Indispensable Tokens – a unique digital marker encoded in the author’s signature that confirms ownership and authenticity are the latest investment craze amid the rapid growth of the digital art market.

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