LG is updating its expensive Pro OLED monitors for 2022, adding a 27-inch option – archyde

In 2021 LG has added an OLED-based monitor for professionals to its product range, and now the company has presented the UltraFine OLED Pro successor monitors planned for 2022. While the first try was only available as a 31.5-inch 4K monitor valued at $ 3,999, the version will include a 27-inch variant next year.

Image: LG

Of course, the 32BP95E and 27BP95E still offer the precise lighting control you would expect from an OLED panel; However, these screens are not intended for gaming or even television and movie viewing. The promise of LG’s DisplayHDR 400 True Black technology ensures that everything looks the way it really should be when editing photos or videos. They also come with detachable self-calibration sensors and monitor hoods and use LG Calibration Studio software to adjust their settings to suit the environment. Other hardware specs like port selection seem to be similar to the 2021 release.

Image: LG

The monitors say they can accurately reproduce colors that cover 99 percent of the DCI-P3 and AdobeRGB color space, as well as a contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1, so it will be difficult to find such an accurate reproduction on any consumer display . LG didn’t list a refresh rate in its press materials, so we’d expect it to still be set to 60Hz. You could buy an expensive screen like this and use it for gaming, but it’s not really intended for use in daylight or fast-paced environments.

It also won’t match the peak brightness of LCD monitors like LG’s own UltraFine displays or the $ 4,999 Apple Pro Display XDR (plus $ 999 optional stand) We checked in 2020, but even with local dimming, these simply cannot display absolute black as an OLED panel can. As Nilay said of Apple’s monitor, “Although it can run on the best local dimming full array LCDs I’ve seen, it’s still a local dimming LCD: sometimes it blooms and sometimes it lights up all dimming zones on. and black looks gray all over the screen. ”We would expect things to be different with these screens.


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