Ladislav Špaček advises women who should get married. His book for girls is critical – Nach Welt

Elegant gentleman Ladislav Spacek, in the past spokesman for President Václav Havel, has also made several short films about how to behave and not behave, how to look and how to be an elegant companion among people or how to impress an interview.

His etiquette lessons were also present in school lessons, for example in raising a family. Who still remembers it? And hand on heart, who learned the lessons from their lectures?

The time was such that his behavior class is a little more fragmented with the new world, there are more feminists than gentlemen, everything has to be balanced. Who has to pay what now, what (not) to do on the first date and where are the roles of man and woman? Chaos!

Chosen not to leave women in it, Starling is now advising girls on what to consider most when choosing a husband. They should be clean hands and manicured nails! In this way, someone who knows himself not only takes care of himself, but also ensures that his surroundings perceive him well, and thus ensures his social status.

Famous people now publish their books on a treadmill, but Špaček’s Tereza is actually a recycled product. It is being reissued and is set in a more modern era when the book also contains conversations from Facebook.

With his editorial fiction, Ladislav Špaček tries to teach young girls how to deal with interpersonal relationships and etiquette in adolescence. However, the author has not received any praise.

The book is accused of being chauvinistic and written by a man for young women. Some reviews say that “Starling advises girls to wash their armpits and shave or wear nylons”.

It may sound insulting if Špaček did not do the same to young men, even though in their calf years it is also far from good behavior and conformist looks.

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