Khanyi Mbau hits back on rumors her teenage daughter is pregnant:

TV personality Khanyi Mbau has hit back on malicious reports suggesting her teenage daughter is pregnant and called the bad rumors “cyberbullying”.

“..She [Khanyi Mbau] has not only shied away from ndoda eDubai, but also left her child alone in a rented apartment and now the results are coming out [sic],” reported from an entertainment blog Thursday.

The article claimed that social media users are “convinced” that Khanyi’s 15-year-old daughter is pregnant after a video was posted on Twitter of Lasizwe Dambuza showing her belly well ”.

In an Instagram post, the actress said that while she doesn’t usually entertain “gossip”, she will not allow her daughter to “fall victim to and abuse”.

“Our children are in danger, the energies we adults let out are hideous and disgusting. We don’t show trust in them and we don’t respect children. No wonder children commit suicide. This is a form of cyber bullying and all of you are bullying a child !!! My child! And this has to stop [sic],” She wrote.

“Come for me, I’m in the game! My success has always made you all angry, but with all this false news, I lost my child! Neither of you had a perfect body at 15, she is going through puberty and is a young girl in development ” [sic]She continued.

Celebrities like Minnie Dlamini, Tamara Dey and DJ Zinhle have stood behind the star.

“I’m so sorry, but kudos to you that you intervened and became the bear mom that your child needs right now. Really disgusting how hideous the company is [sic]”Replied Somizi Mhlongo in the comment section of the post.


We live in a world where facts and fiction are blurred

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