Karin from De Scheetjes unter Tränen:

Karin left the Netherlands for good three months ago. “That is of course a big step (…) Sitting on top of each other for five years won’t let you down. We began to live like siblings and no longer paid any attention to each other, ”explains Karin.

While Karin tries to build a new life for herself, Hans runs the golf course alone. “She left with a planned vacation that was granted to her. And she decided never to come back and leave me here with everything, ”Hans begins to tell. He hopes deep in his heart that Karin will return against his better judgment. He continues: “I’ve never valued her so much. Now I have to do everything myself and have a lot more respect for her. I never really realized what she was doing. “

It was not an easy adventure for either of them. For example, your house was too close to the neighbors’ house and had to be moved three meters. The construction of the golf course was also stopped by the local government.

At some point Karin had the feeling that a lot of work just rests on her shoulders. “I really don’t miss it. All of the work basically came up to me. The purchases, the papers, the order of the supplies, the tidying up of the jobs, They call it”, She says.

Still, it wasn’t an easy decision to leave it all behind. She continues: “Of course I leave something beautiful behind. It was my idea and we didn’t get it for free. And then things go wrong, which is a shame. “

Karin sees a bright future for herself: “I’m not afraid of not being able to work. I have a positive attitude and there is a lot of work (…) In any case, I will never go there again. “

Hans has never regretted the decision to move to Bonaire and nothing will change for the time being. “I’m not going back to the Netherlands anyway. I really want to stay here. I’ll make plans again and do it the old fashioned way. “


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