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Greetings from Washington, live blog readers.

Joe Biden has recognized what many in Washington have known for at least a few days at this point: The Build Back Better Act will not pass Congress this year.

In a detailed statement released last night, Biden said he had briefed congressional leaders of his recent talks with the centrist senator Joe Manchin, the decisive momentum in the negotiations.

“In those discussions, Senator Manchin reiterated his support for Build Back Better funding at the level of the master plan I announced in September,” said Biden.

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Joe Manchin briefs reporters on his position on the Bill in the Washington Capitol. Photo: J Scott Applewhite / AP

The President has promised Democrats will “push this work forward together in the coming days and weeks” and introduce a final bill to the Senate “as early as possible”.

“My team and I have ongoing discussions with Senator Manchin; this work will continue next week, ”said Biden. “It takes time to finalize these agreements, prepare the legislative changes, and complete all parliamentary and procedural steps required for a Senate vote.”

For millions of American families, the slow pace of negotiations means that next month they will not receive a check from the expanded child tax break program, which is now a lifeline for many working parents. (The bill should extend the expanded program for another year.)

And the longer the talks go on, the less likely it seems that the Democrats will ever get a version of the bill passed.

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