Indigo child names Laura Anna’s body and smiles at mourners: She is touched – nach Welt

HUMAN SENSE – An indigo kid named Tiara claimed to have seen it corpse Laura Anna at the funeral home. His vision started with uploading photos and videos that were shared by fans grieving.

Tiara said there was a little problem with corpse Laura Anna. He claimed to have seen a yellow light on his face and hands Laura Anna while in the coffin.

“On the first day, Tiara saw the photo corpse Laura, that face is still glowing yellow. Tiara didn’t immediately think he was gone. Because how is it that there is still energy, ”said Tiara on Friday, December 17, 2021, via her Instagram upload (@dairycewekindigo).

“Then on the second day at the funeral home, right in the coffin, when I looked again, there was actually that yellow light. Tiara didn’t know which light it was, ”he continued.

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Tiara describes her indigo vision through photos and accompanying captions corpse Laura Anna.

Apart from the fact that the light is on corpse, Tiara also admitted seeing a yellow light on the cross above the coffin Laura Anna.

“From Tiara’s analysis, it is possible that this ray is the ray of attention energy of the crowd, especially the grieving. But that’s still a passing hypothesis, ”he said.

Tiara also claimed to have seen a figure Laura Anna under which stand grieving and his companions who surrounded his coffin.


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